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Satron Electronics is a company specializes in providing complex services in the sphere of delivering GSM/GPRS, GPS/Glonass modules, Personal trackers and its products related accessories.



Demo board STR-GSM

The Demo board STR-GSM is a complete embedded solution  which can help you to develop applications with Quectel modules and embedded antennas Proant. The demo board has a M66 GSM/Bluetooth module for quick testing of GSM application. Meanwhile, it provides access to all pins output of module with connection to USB bridge for Easy testing using PC.


●  Demo board for quick testing GSM module

●  Quectel GSM with Bluetooth part, module M66

●  Proant embedded antennas

●  PRO-OB-471 2G-900/1800MHz antenna

●  PRO-OB-440 2.4 GHz antenna

●  USB interface

●  Pins output of module




Advantages of Quectel M66:

●  The globe’s tiniest Quad-band LCC GSM/GPRS module: 15.8 × 17.7 × 2.3mm

●  Easier soldering process with LCC package

●  Low Power consumption: 1.3mA @DRX=5, 1.2mA @DRX=9

●  Support Voice, Bluetooth, QuecFOTATM and Quectel OpenCPU function

●  Embedded powerful Internet service protocols, multiple Sockets & IP addresses 


QNavigator tool is used to test Quectel modules. By using this tool, you can be familiar with the working process of main functions like Call, SMS, TCP/UDP, PPP and QuceLocator even when you do not know any AT commands. It will show you the details of how each function works. Referenced documents can be found in the Help menu of the Toolbar.