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Through cutting-edge technology, world-class quality and timely and comprehensive technical support, Quectel has become a trusted provider of GSM/GPRS/UMTS/HSPA/GNSS modules during the past few years. Quectel tries its best to create an environment in which employees can fully develop their abilities and give more opportunity to employees to participate in innovation. Quectel believe you will get great success in Quectel. Welcome to join us and sharing our success.

Oversea Sales Manager

Job Description:

●  Manage and support overseas distributors

●  Communicate and collaborate with overseas distributors

●  Trace and train the distributors to improve their sales efficiency and evaluate their performance.

●  Frequent travelling abroad to visit customers with distributors

●  Keep abreast of latest market information, cooperate with project managers,

●  Be concern about major projects and sign commercial contracts.

●  Expand overseas distribution channels and look for new distributors.

●  Understand customers’ requirements and collect feedback information.


●  Bachelor Degree (or above) in electronics, telecommunication, computer engineering, automatic control, and other related fields.

●  Speak fluent English.

●  Sales or marketing experience preferred.

●  Familiar with items in international business preferred.

●  Be cooperative and responsible, and have good communication skills and team spirit. 

●  Overseas work or study experience preferred

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