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Quectel Vision

●  Our goal is to be a global leader in the field of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication. 

●  Dedicated to the success of our customers, employees, partners and shareholders.

●  Continue to make contributions to our society and serve the communities.


Quectel Philosophy

●  The customer is King.

●  All staff are dedicated to provide the customer with excellent service and to be the strongest backup for the sales department.

●  Timely respond to and deal with customers’ questions and support requirements. No "the" is required here.

●  Constantly exploit new market.

●  Initiatively adapt to the changing marketing environment, actively promote the revolution of corporate strategy, organization and management.

●  Conscientious, Pragmatic, Innovative, United and Efficient. 

●  Conscientious and Pragmatic are put in different colors and levels.



  • Really understand our own capabilities.
  • Be truthful, practical and away from blind optimism and idealism.
  • Create feasible strategies and tactics based on the market conditions.



  • Be adventurous.
  • Have the courage to break through the traditional way and challenge the limits.



  • Team work and collaboration.
  • Mutual trust and support.
  • Achieving maximum benefit and main goals are the basic point and the standard of conducting everything.



  • Time is precious. 
  • Do not be dilatory.


Quectel Management

●  Stick with market-oriented policy to meet customers 'requirements.

●  Group decision making, avoid dictatorship.

●  Emphasize excellent and strict execution ability after decision making. Avoid any lengthy and inefficient discussion.

●  Strict working attitude and professional skills.

●  Keep learning and summarizing working experiences.

●  Avoid idealism, being detached from reality and market will misguide our company development policy.


Quectel Talent

●  Talents are the most valuable asset of the company.

●  Reward the best and eliminate the worst.

●  Encourage all employees to participate in the decision making for company strategy and solicit suggestions and comments from everyone.

●  Create flexible working environment for employees to fully exert their abilities.

●  Encourage employees to actively undertake the important and challenging task as well as encourage them to continue growing and developing their skills and talents in practice.

●  Regardless of position, value depends on contributions. 

●  Pursue the balance between contributions and benefits.

●  Advocate self-criticism and self-denial to seek greater improvement.


Positive Attitude

●  Maintain a positive attitude in facing and solving problems and difficulties.

●  Keep a sense of crisis to inspire all employees’ aggressive and enterprising spirit.