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UC20 includes a fully integrated global navigation satellite system solution that supports the latest generation gpsOne GEN8 of Qualcomm (GPS and GLONASS). It also supports Qualcomm gpsOneXTRA technology (one kind of A-GNSS), which will download XTRA file from the internet server to enhance the TTFF.



In the open sky, natural obstacles, such as trees, high buildings and etc. affect GPS modules to receive signals from satellites. The GNSS system can observe more satellites than single GPS system, which highly avoid the limitation of signal reception in the open sky.


Qualcomm’s gpsOne Gen8 supports GNSS system which can observe more satellites. Therefore, enabling GLONASS and GPS system at the same time makes GNSS module saving times of acquisition, and get high accuracy and precision. It also reduces the values of PDOP and GDOP. 


gpsOne XTRA

Qualcomm's new gpsOne XTRA Assistance technology provides enhanced operation by enabling a user to download a small assistance data file through a brief Internet access session. This technology delivers more accurate positioning with greater sensitivity than otherwise possible with standalone GPS receivers, especially in difficult areas such as indoors and in dense urban canyons.


XTRA file contains predicted GPS and GLONASS satellites coordinates and clock biases valid for up to 7days. It is the best if XTRA file is downloaded once every 1-2 days. And UC20 also supports SBAS (including WAAS, ENGOS and MSAS), which will improve fix accuracy.


Dynamic Power Optimization

GNSS function normally has high power consumption. UC20 has power-saving solution named DPO (Dynamic Power Optimization), which attempts to turn off GNSS RF parts, reduces current consumption by 50% at most without impact on TTFF and extends battery life, maximizes talk and standby time as well.



UC20 supports standard NMEA-0183 protocol, and outputs NMEA sentences with 1Hz via USB interface by default.


UC20 GNSS engine is high-performance and suitable for various applications which need lowest-cost and accurate positioning. Meanwhile, it can also support position tracking without network assistance, and GNSS capabilities when GSM/WCDMA is out of network coverage areas. UC20 GNSS can be applied in the following occasions: turn-by-turn navigation applications, asset tracking, buddy tracking, location-aware games, homing and fleet management.