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Since GSM network signal is weak in some places, the transfer of information across GSM/GPRS network and the GPRS transmission speed could be slow and GPRS connection drops frequently. QuecCell function can scan the detailed information about the base station, lock the specified GSM frequency, and forbid the specified operator. With this feature, customer can choose the network they expect in the certain place.



Quectel Wireless Solutions integrates scanning frequency technology named QuecScan and locking frequency technology named QuecLock into the module. QuecScan is used for scanning the information on every frequency point. QuecLock can lock the module into the specified frequency point.


Users can take advantages from QuecCell function of Quectel’s 2G/3G modules.

●  No constraints on SIM card in executing QuecScan function.

●  QuecLock function can stabilize the internet signal and accelerate internet connection.

●  QuecScan and QuecLock can ensure reliable data transmission, which avoid changing base station in weak signal conditions and reduce power consumption.