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Healthcare has become an exceptionally popular area of M2M deployment, especially in the face of rising expenditures on healthcare and the need for better efficiencies.


Mobile health (mHealth) with the use of mobile phone technology (in combination with a web-based interface) create new mobile and internet-based services to support patients

through their treatment journey irrespective of time and place, and result in an increase in convenience and efficiency of data collection, transfer, storage and analysis management

of data as compared with paper-based system.



Depending on functional areas, M2M solutions applied in healthcare can be grouped into patient monitoring, organization of healthcare work and management of medication. The core of M2M-enabled mHealth solution is 3G/4G module, which enables the cellular transmission of data so that healthcare providers can provide remote care to patients. Particularly within environment of limited resources and beds, remote monitoring allows healthcare workers to better track patient conditions, medication regimen adherence and follow-up schedule.


The M2M-enabled mHealth solution collects data from many sensors and devices such as pedometers, electrocardiogram patch, sleep sensors, weight scales, blood glucose and blood pressure devices and provides a dashboard view of overall health status to authorised caregivers and the health system. Medication reminders and behavioral prompts are delivered to the touch screen on the Hub or to the user’s mobile device to help with chronic disease management.


With Quectel M2M-enabled mHealth device, physician can remotely monitor a patient’s health status and manage chronic conditions in real time no matter if the patient is at home, on the bus or anywhere. Quectel advanced SSL (Socket Secure Layer) function maintains strict requirements for security, safety, and patient-doctor confidentiality and privacy.


The advantages of Quectel modules

●  Small form factor and extended temperature range

●  Reliable for seamless, always-on worldwide communication

●  Secure data transmission over wireless networks utilizing Quectel SSL function

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