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Quectel Turn-key Services is the consistent concept from Quectel Wireless Solutions. The primary goal of this service is to provide 360 degree support from the customer development phase to the end of mass production. Even after successful product integration, Quectel’s customer support and after-sales teams remain available for questions and support via email or telephone. This goal is achieved via:


Evaluation Service  is dedicated to provide expert assistance for the customer in the process of choosing the right products. Before recommending a right product, Quetcel project managers will evaluate and analyze the customer’s demands carefully and deeply in order to reduce human resources cost for the customers.


Technical Support services are designed to reduce development time, costs and risks, allowing our customers to remain competitive with products that meet market timing, requirements, and adopt the latest technology. Quectel technical support with schematic diagram, PCB, circuit reference design as well as EVB board, device driver, upgrading tool to accelerate the customer’s product development. In addition, Quectel offers its laboratories to help customers to perform RF Test, Radiated RF Test, EMC Emission test, EMI Immunity Test, Radiated Power and Radiated Receiver Sensitivity.


Design Review is designed to cooperate with the customer to review the schematic diagram, RF design and PCB layout. Leveraging Quectel’s experts and design experience, Quectel can help customer shorten time-to-market and reduce the risk in product design.


I. Conceptual Design Phase

Services include but not limited to the following:
▪ Technical support in the pre-sales module selection
▪ Recommend suitable modules according to customer’s needs
▪ Regular Seminar/Webinar/Visit at customer premises
▪ Provide technical training to distributor/customer
▪ A full range of technical documents for numerous applications
▪ Provide customer with module’s technology demo videos
▪ Experienced R&D team is always ready to support customers


II. Design in Phase

Services include but not limited to the following:
▪ Offer general reference design to customers
▪ Design review for the schematic diagram/RF design/PCB layout
▪ Material recommendation: antenna, main chipset and components
▪ Software process review and bug solving
▪ Ensure customers stay connected with our technical support representatives during the design in phase


III. Prototype Phase

Services include but not limited to the following:
▪ Provide performance tests for customers, including RF test/Acoustic test/Antenna tuning
▪ Recommend peripheral component suppliers with high price to performance ratio to customers


Materials Recommendation Quectel recommends the proven peripheral materials of modules and the component suppliers with highly reputation  for the customer. Our aim is to share marketing information with the customer and ensure the customer has the high quality materials. 


Information and Experience Sharing In order to help customers learn the fundamentals of the wireless technologies, Quectel's technical support team shares knowledge and experience with our customers through meticulously tailored training courses.


Certificate & Manufacturing Support with many years experience in production certification, Quectel can help the customer to gain the global standard certifications quickly. When any customer encounters issues in every step during the certification process, Quectel will arrange engineers to deal with SMT and Testing problems on site.


24-hour Support  is a continuous commitment in all stages of product life-cycle. Working efficiently and finding the suitable solution within 24 hours is our prominent commitment. If some issues cannot be solved through E-mail and telephone, Quectel will send engineers to solve the problem on site till the problem is completely settled down. 24-hour support commitment is backed up with 3 domestic technical support centers and 7 overseas support branches.