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FOTA is an acronym for Firmware Over-the-Air. FOTA updating technology enables mobile device manufacturers to remotely update software. New software can be delivered over the air, eliminating the need for the user to bring the device to a service facility.


QuecFOTA improves the mobile terminal manufacturing experience and reduces support costs by remotely updating device firmware with new functionality and software improvements. QuecFOTA enables mobile phone manufacturers to create firmware updates for handsets and to deploy and install the updated firmware over the air. 


The solution manages key elements of the firmware update process

●  Identifies the essential changes from an existing version of firmware to a new, updated version.

●  Easy and simple upgrade protocol. It is very easy to embed it in the customer's software.

●  More flexible. The external MCU completes control over the entire upgrade process, including download speed control, firmware storage location and package encoding.

●  Downloads and installs the new firmware update in the background while the device is fully operational.

●  Manages different versions of updated firmware.



FOTA updating process consists of three stages

●  Generating the update package. The initial stage includes generating a software updating package containing bug fixed or new features. It includes the differences between the version of existing firmware on device and the updated version of firmware.


●  Delivery of the update package. Customer needs to put the delta package on their own network server (HTTP, FTP, TCP etc), and uses GPRS function provided by Quectel module to download the delta package from their network server into the device.


Performing the update. For Quectel module, customer’s device can use the specified AT commands to transfer delta  package to Quectel module, and Quectel module will finish the validation and update process.



●  Suitable for various processors and Windows operation systems. 

●  Overcomes over-the-air (OTA) bandwidth and memory constraints. 

●  Upgrading is reliable, safe, clean and thorough.