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The strong requirements on the higher automation and accuracy for the industry equipments, (for example, transportation, Automated Metering Reading (AMR), streetlight monitoring and etc), makes time synchronization becomes a critical piece of infrastructure for any distributed system. 

At present, there are lots of methods for Network time synchronization, such as GPS clock synchronization and internal RTC time synchronization. However, the accuracy on time synchronization of these two ways is easily affected by many factors. For example, in the low signal conditions or in the house, GPS cannot perform precise positioning.

Quectel wireless solutions provides two ways for the customers to synchronize time. One is through NTP server, the other is through base station.


●  Easy operation and accurate time synchronization.

●  No matter how the environment it is, Quectel module can synchronize time via NTP server or base station.


NTP server synchronization time High accuracy of time rectification
Easy to use, send AT command to synchronize time directly
Without restrictions on hardware and external conditions
GPRS network
Produce GPRS flow fee when using 



Base station synchronization time Do not produce GPRS flow fee when using 
Easy to use, send AT command to synchronize time directly
Get accurate time after 9s of start-up 
Report synchronized time automatically after restart
Need the support of local operator’s network