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eCall is a European initiative intended to bring rapid assistance to motorists involved in a collision anywhere in the European Union. The eCall initiative aims to deploy a device installed in all vehicles that will automatically dial 112 in the event of a serious road accident, and wirelessly send airbag deployment and impact sensor information, as well as GPS coordinates to local emergency agencies.


eCall provides reliable full-duplex data transmission between In-vehicle System (IVS) and Public Safety Answering Point (PASP) in addition to emergency voice call via the cellular network and can be initiated either automatically or manually. The eCall In-band modem ensures reliable data transmission of the eCall Minimum Set of Data from IVS to PSAP via the voice channel of cellular and PSTN network. In the event of a vehicle collision, the in-band modem transmits vehicle location, airbag deployment, and other relevant information timely and reliably from the in-vehicle system (IVS) over the cellular network voice channel to the public safety answering point (PSAP). As soon as the PASP received the emergency call, it will dispatch the rescue assistance to accident site, which can shorten response time and save lives.


The requirements on the products for eCall

●  High Reliability and Sensitivity  To ensure Minimum Set Data can be timely and reliably send to the PASP from the IVS after the strong collision, high reliability and sensitivity of the products is of prime importance in addition to supporting backup battery.

●  Remotely Upgrade Firmware  The firmware in the products can be updated remotely via FOTA function, which can dramatically reduce cost in maintenance.

●  Compact Form Factor   The products with tiny size can be easily embedded in the automotive applications.


Diagram for eCall Emergency system



Advantages of Quectel Wireless Solutions for eCall

●  Low Current Consumption

●  Ultra Compact Form Factor

●  High RF performance and High sensitibity <-108.5dBm

●  Fimware can be updated over the air by QuecFOTA